Municipal Law

In addition to land use and zoning, our attorneys are well-versed in municipal practice and have helped clients with matters ranging from business licensing to property tax appeals. Practicing municipal law requires attention to the nuances in local ordinances and regulations. Each of the partners at Miller Scott Holbrook & Jackson has served as a solicitor or assistant solicitor in Newport, Middletown, or Portsmouth, making the firm uniquely qualified to assist clients with applications, licensing and appeals.

The attorneys at Miller Scott Holbrook & Jackson have successfully guided clients through liquor license and entertainment license applications, appearing before city and town councils and knowledgeably satisfying all municipal requirements. We’ve also counseled clients through the appeals process following property tax increases, appearing before tax appeal boards and, when necessary, before the superior court.

Beyond these examples lies a wide range of activities regulated by cities and towns. Municipal law involves addressing issues like local parking, waterfront access, park maintenance, special event permitting and everything in between.

Permitting, licensing, and navigating municipal rules and practices may involve preparing extensive paperwork, coordinating with state agencies, and appearing before a variety of boards and commissions. Our firm’s experienced attorneys can help you to better understand these municipal procedures and guide you through the necessary steps to achieve the best possible results.

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