Miller Scott & Holbrook has zoning and land use experience to match any large Providence firm. Three of our attorneys are municipal solicitors, with years of experience advising zoning boards, and one is the author of the Rhode ZoningIsland Zoning Handbook, the leading text on zoning law in Rhode Island, and dozens of zoning articles in national and local publications.

Although some of the largest building projects in Newport County have been guided with expertise from our firm, we also represent many small businesses and homeowners. Their concerns range from opening a shop or restaurant downtown to putting an addition on a house for a growing family. Other clients are more interested in halting proposed development that threatens their neighborhood; we also stand ready to represent them.

And we know the zoning process! In Newport, for example, getting permission to erect or change some buildings may require approvals from the Historic District Commission, the Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Review, and multiple hearings may be involved at each stage. It can be a long, tortuous process, especially baffling to first-time applicants.

This is not to say that every zoning case requires a long legal battle. Depending on the location and the size of the project, there may be no opposition and few steps in the process. We will be happy to discuss your plans and give you frank advice about what lies ahead, including the likelihood of success.

And if you really do not need an attorney, we'll thank you for coming to talk it over with us, and give you some pointers about representing yourself. (See the additional resources listed below.)