Typical Client Matters: What We Do

As a full-service law firm, Miller Scott & Holbrook provides professional services to individuals and businesses in most areas of law. Our practice includes real estate transactions, personal injury litigation, business and commercial law, estate planning and administration, family law, zoning and development, and general municipal law.

Here are some examples of the many kinds of tasks we perform every day for clients:

  • Handling the closing on a newly purchased home or refinancing an existing home.
  • Negotiating a full and adequate settlement for injuries from accidents, or suing a defendant who refuses to pay.
  • Drawing up a will or administering an estate.
  • Negotiating property settlements and child custody matters in divorce litigation.
  • Guiding both condominium associations and the unit owners from the initial declaration to the daily operation of the condominium, helping them solve problems involving bylaws, rules and regulations, and legal requirements.
  • Challenging an excessive property tax bill.
  • Incorporating a business or drafting a partnership agreement.
  • Negotiating the purchase and sale of a business, and handling the closing.
  • Obtaining relief from zoning restrictions, or filing suit to block improper land uses.
  • Helping a client overwhelmed with debts to economic freedom through the bankruptcy process.
  • Defending drunk driving cases and other criminal matters in District and Superior Courts.

This is only a partial listing, of course, but it illustrates the broad range of legal services available at Miller Scott & Holbrook.