Real Estate

"The biggest investment you'll ever make!" That's certainly true for most home buyers, and that's the reason to be represented by experienced counsel at every stage of the transaction.

Real EstateIn addition to arranging for a thorough title search, backed with title insurance, a real estate attorney at Miller Scott & Holbrook will closely examine your purchase and sales agreement, financing documents, and other papers to discover potential problems before they occur. Throughout the entire process of buying or selling or refinancing property, you can count on our real estate attorney to answer questions and take action to protect your interests.

Homeowners (and potential homeowners) are not, of course, our only real estate clients. We also handle commercial real estate transactions, from the simplest sale of a corner store to the conveyance of complex multi-party commercial and industrial developments.

What are some of the questions that may come up?

  • Mortgage commitments and contingencies. We'll work with your bank to iron out any difficulties.
  • Real estate brokers/agents. Just who do they represent anyway? We are not real estate agents, but we can look over their shoulder to make sure you are getting what you deserve from your agent.
  • Private mortgage insurance. This protects the lender, at the buyer's expense, but is it necessary? When can it be canceled?
  • What happens when a real estate deal goes sour? What can the disappointed buyer, or seller, do?

These and many other questions about buying and selling property can be answered by the real estate attorneys at Miller Scott & Holbrook.

Real estate rentals, with or without a written lease, also may result in legal problems requiring the services of an experienced attorney. Both landlords and tenants have rights, and they have obligations too. We can help sort them out, defending tenants from overreaching landlords and protecting landlords from nonpaying tenants. Better yet, if consulted before the rental begins, we can draft the lease to minimize the possibility of problems ever arising.

In short, Miller Scott & Holbrook has the ability and experience to guide you through virtually any real estate transaction.

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