Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime, even a relatively minor crime, is a potentially life-changing event. Your reputation, your job, your family, and even your freedom may be at stake.

However, citizens and residents of the United States charged with a crime have many basic rights to ensure that they have a fair trial. Some of these rights are automatic, but many must be asserted. This is where an experienced criminal attorney is indispensable, someone who can stand up at the right time and forcefully press your rights.

So, if you are taken in for questioning, or interrogated by the police, you should request an attorney. Even if you did nothing, and are innocent of the crime being investigated, you should have an attorney present to make sure your rights are protected.

Here are some of the things we can do for you if you are charged with a crime:

  • Conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation.
  • Interview police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses to expose any lies or exaggerations.
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to get the charges dropped or lowered.
  • Employ a private investigator, ballistics expert, polygraph operator, or any other experts to help strengthen your defense.
  • Challenge illegally obtained evidence and forcefully cross-examine witnesses against you.
  • If convicted, seek community service, probation, a fine, or other alternatives to imprisonment.

Remember, the earlier we get involved in your case, the more likely we can make a difference in the outcome. Of course, there are no guarantees, in criminal law or any other field of law. But engaging an experienced criminal lawyer can maximize your chances of getting a dismissal or reduction of charges, or a “not guilty” verdict, or the lightest possible sentence.

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